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Jabber (xmpp)

We have a chat room at KTH:s jabber server, stacken@chat.kth.se where you can chat freely about everything from the weather to server problems. This is also our primary out-of-band-channel, this room will work even if there are no power in our server room.

for more information about KTH:s jabber, see https://www.lan.kth.se/xmpp.html.

Stackens email lists

Stacken has several email lists, if you have questions or problems contact postmaster@stacken.kth.se.


A generic list, everything Stacken, talk about problems, fun things to do or just the weather. This list contains both members and non-members. Note that this list is administrated and it can take some time if you send a email from a unknown adress.
A list for Stackens systems administrators, send relevant questions/mails here.
A list for Stackens email administrators.

Send a request to postmaster@stacken.kth.se if you are interested to create a new list.

Historic forums

Stacken @ Usenet
Not used any more, mailing lists and TokKOM is used.
TokKOM - LysKOM @ Stacken
Stackens LysKOM is called TokKOM. This is used for generic conversations.
Planet Stacken [en]
Planet Stacken is an aggregation of the blogs of some of our members. It's not limited to just club-related topics or to any specific set of languages.
Stacken Blogs [en]
Stacken Blogs is a place where Stacken members can publish their blogs. The software used is NewsBruiser. Syndication on Planet Stacken is optional.