Privacy Policy

Stacken is a computer association located at KTH Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. We store personal information to run our organisation (in accordance to the law) as well as to enable our members access to services. Furthermore, we close inactive accounts and removes redundant personal data. If requested can one member choose to retrieve or remove data from our system with valid identification.

Our Vice president is our personal data compliance officer, which can be reached using the email

How Stacken store and use membership data

We store membership data, this includes contact information such as full names, email addresses, post address and telephone numbers. Moreover, KTH-ids can be stored (with the members consent) and transferred to verify membership in THS. Username and password are stored safely to enable the member access to our systems such as file storage.

File storage

Every member can choose to store data in our systems. The systems are stored in our data center which are only accessible by people with authorization. Stacken strives to continuously works to ensure that any personal data is kept safe.

Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes includes personal data which are mentioned as usernames. These can be redacted if requested. However, for archival purposes we need full meeting minutes including usernames, these are safely stored.

Stacken as a personal data processor

We volunteer to be a personal data processor for your association if you choose to store your data at our data center.